Globacom greets Nigerians on New Year, says 2018 will be better

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Globacom believes 2018 will be better for Nigerians

As the year 2017 gradually winds down, Nigerians have been advised to embrace the New Year with optimism in their outlook and approach for a better and prosperous 2018.

National telecommunications company, Globacom, in a statement in Lagos said that 2018 offers Nigerians a unique opportunity to restart their personal, social, economic and other spheres of lives with renewed vigour and passion.

The company which congratulated Nigerians on the successful completion of 2017 and cross over to 2018 stated that the outgoing year was full of challenges, adding that it was a test of Nigerians’ resilience to weather all the storms without giving up.

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Globacom expressed strong optimism that with collective hard work, sincerity of purpose, and an enduring commitment to do the right thing always by all, the country’s economic prospects will improve tremendously.

“The future looks really bright for Nigeria. It can only get better,” Globacom said in the statement, urging Nigerians to renew their hope in the sustenance of the Nigerian project.

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Globacom stated further that the economy will continue to improve with hard work and total commitment by Nigerians.

“As a new year rolls in, another opportunity opens for us all to review the past with a view to drawing vital lessons and re-ordering priorities accordingly. Let us forge ahead in love and unity. It will surely be a prosperous year for us all,” Globacom prayed.

The company thanked Nigerians for supporting the brand all through 2017, adding that Globacom is totally committed to delivering unmatchable value to its subscribers in the New Year.

“Our solemn pledge is that we will continue to roll out products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of our subscribers in the New Year, both in terms of innovation and quality of service”, said Globacom.