Twitter’s #280characters forcing users to be repetitive

Users call for edit button

Twitter’s #280characters is causing users to be repetitive

The first time Twitter flirted with its 140 characters many users took a swipe at the social media platform for tinkering its unique selling point.

Fast forward to today and users appear to be happy with the 280 characters that Tweet has introduced. The thing about the 140 characters was that it made more people intelligent.

Users who wanted to say to much, needed to do it in the most concise and precise fashion. Users had to constantly think up words that made communication short.

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But with the 280 characters, users have got more stuffs to write and these could easily make Twitter look like Facebook, the biggest social media networking site.

Since Twitter announced its 280 characters, many users have been trying their hands on the new feature.

But Chronicle NG found that there has been more repetition on Twitter by users than ever before.

This suggests that most users do not know what to do with the new found 140 characters than to repeat themselves.

Even the big brands and social media influencers seem not to know what to do with the #280characters.

Here are some tweets from #280characters

Of course, the calls for an edit button on Twitter was equally very loud.

Many users asked the social media site to add an edit button to allow them correct mistakes, rewrite tweets and make additions.

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