Buhari congratulates Angela Merkel for winning 4th term

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has won a fourth term in office fending off AfDs challenge
Photo: AFP

President Muhammadu Buhari has joined world leaders in congratulating German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her victory at the polls.

President Buhari felicitated with the German Chancellor’s party for producing leadership for the country for over 12 years, and winning another opportunity to sustain the legacy of good work.

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According to Femi Adesina, President Buhari recalled his interactions with Chancellor Merkel over the years, especially at the G8 meeting in 2015 and during his visit to Germany in 2016.

President Buhari came “away with a strong impression of her commitment to building stronger ties across the world”, Adesina said.

Merkel limped to a fourth term on Sunday and must now cobble together an unwieldy coalition with two other parties — the business friendly Free Democrats (FDP) and environmentalist Greens — that have diametrically opposed views on many of the big issues.

The result suggested that pollsters may have underestimated the lingering impact of the refugee crisis in the election and the outsized influence it would have in the east, where voters continue to behave very differently than their brethren in the west 28 years after the fall of the Wall.

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