Pope curious about Donald Trump’s diet

Pope Francis in company of Donald and Melania Trump at the Vatican
Pope Francis in company of Donald and Melania Trump at the Vatican

Curious to know what America’s first citizen is eating, Pope Francis queried First Lady Melania Trump about her husband’s eating habits during a Vatican audience on Wednesday.

But it is unclear whether they discussed “pizza” or a similarly named Slovenian cake, “potica.”

“What do you give him to eat?” Francis asked Slovenia-born Melania via an interpreter, in comments captured on camera.

In the original Spanish, the pope added a word that sounds like “potica,” but this was dropped in the English oral translation.

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The First Lady replies, but it is unclear whether she says “pizza” or “potica.”

According to a media pool report by White House reporters, the exchange was always about pizza.

A Vatican source said they could not clear up the issue, but noted that Francis is a fan of potica, a kind of nut roll, and that he always asks about it when he meets someone from Slovenia.

The pope, however, is also known to like pizza.

In a 2015 interview with Mexican TV Televisa, joking about the drawbacks of being pope, he said: “The only thing that I would like is being able to go out one day, without anyone noticing me, and go to a pizzeria to have a pizza”.

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