Germany installs beer pipeline for 400,000 litres of beer

Germany installs beer pipeline

Germany installs beer pipeline

Wacken Open Air – the world’s biggest heavy metal festival, which takes place in northern Germany every summer – will be serviced by a beer pipeline this year, organizers said on Tuesday.

Approximately 75,000 heavy metal fans make their way to the northern German town of Wacken every year, with beer consumption at about 5.1 litres per person, or 400,000 litres in total.

The pipeline is being introduced in an effort to protect the ground, spokeswoman Frederike Arns said.

“In this way, we will no longer have to distribute truck loads of beer kegs across the premises each day,” Arns said, adding that the option was more “sustainable.”

This year’s heavy metal festival will take place on August 3-5 and feature some 150 bands including Volbeat, Amon Amarth, Kreator, Accept and Megadeath.

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