#FreeAustinOkai: PDP’s allegations, betrayal of credible opposition – Fanwo


Kogi Governor’s Director General on Media and Publicity, Kingsley Fanwo has urged the people of the state to “pray fervently for the derailing PDP to rediscover itself and provide credible opposition to the ruling APC in the State”, saying the opposition party is “confused, detached from truth and out of tune with the current political reality in the state”.

The spokesman stated this while reacting to the allegation by the PDP that the Governor was ruling the State like Pharaoh, distancing the Governor from dictatorial tendencies.

“This is an all-low for the opposition PDP who has lost touch with the political reality in the state. The party should hire competent lawyers to defend the rights of Austin Okai who has been charged to court for trying to disturb the peace of Kogi State. Okai should face the music and defend his numerous allegations against the Governor and his administration.

“PDP’s voice resonates culpability in the whole saga. Why are they showing glaring frustration with the judicial process Okai is facing? It is Okai against the laws of the land. If he is innocent, he will be acquitted but if he is culpable, that will be the load of his actions. There can’t be absolute absolution from crimes committed. Criticism must be done with defensible facts.

“As a government, we have nothing personal against Okai. Government is concerned about the combustible remarks of the young man who could have thrived only within the system of a dead and confused political party. Government is concerned about the effect Okai’s wanton falsehood could have on the unsuspecting minds. It is the responsibility of government to protect the society against chaos”.

Fanwo insisted that Governor Yahaya Bello is a democracy hero who respects constitutional superiority.

Also on the ongoing staff screening exercise, Fanwo said the PDP “superintended over a perilous era of disillusioned, ill-motivated and corrupt civil service in the state”, assuring the people of the commitment of the present administration to build a civil service that is credible and efficient. He said the exercise will end on April 24, 2017.

“The Governor will continue to deliver on his promises to the people of the state. He has taken infrastructural development seriously and also, he has done well in the area of security, agriculture and healthcare. We are aware of the antics of the opposition to slow him down through distractions. They must known this Governor is too focused to be distracted. Kogi is witnessing the practical gains of the New Direction”.

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