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Femi Adesina: Reactionary rantings of a deranged Homo Sapiens



Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity Dollar, Naira God Bless Our Troops

FEMI ADESINA: “President Buhari not harassing Jonathan’s family”, the reactionary rantings of a deranged Homo Sapiens by IYOHA JOHN DARLINGTON

Femi Adeshina

Having first overlooked Femi Adesina’s rantings, I was driven on second thoughts by a compelling need this evening to write this rejoinder with reference to his reaction to former President Jonathan’s remark.

Femi’s reaction could be best described as nothing but the reactionary rantings of a mentally deranged Homo Sapiens who is only acting the infamous script of a visionless overlord.

His services have only been retained to whitewash the Abuja regime and that is what he seems good at. It is high time he was reminded that Nigerians are not only tired but fagged out with the Buhari-led government which is none other than a vast empire of corruption.

He has in fact been dancing and this time dancing naked and now dangerously close to annihilation. I wonder what Femi sees in a government whose name is nothing but only synonymous with evil, gross ineptitude, incompetence and abysmal failures which have only succeeded in dragging Nigeria over fifty years backwards.


Today, there is no denying the fact that Nigeria is nosediving to a failed state with deaths here and there which remain unprecedented in the history of Nigeria.

So many people have died as a result of Buhari’s failed economic policies which is a pointer to the fact that the APC-led government under Buhari was actually never prepared for governance but for trouble and consequent catastrophe which was only averted by Jonathan’s rare display of humility, tolerance and sportsmanship.

Nigeria has never been this divided before now but Femi Adesina’s master in Aso Rock has only succeeded in dividing Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines by setting the father against the son or vice versa and this has created mistrust, hate and acrimony among the various ethnic nationalities that make up the federation of Nigeria.

That America’s prediction about imminent break-up of Nigeria will come to pass under Buhari is not in dispute, in fact, Nigeria is only sitting on the keg of gunpowder which is bound to explode any time soon.


Femi, you can not feign ignorance of this obviously sad situation under the existing circumstances considering the anger ravaging the nooks and crannies of Nigeria against the Buhari-led Federal Government which has brought nothing but woe and misery to many families across Nigeria.

Jonathan whose name you disparage did much better than your paymaster whose ass you lick for peanuts in the face of this agonising hardship, crying incompetence have inflicted upon Nigerians.

If you have ever left the shores of Nigeria, you will no doubt agree with me that your master’s rule is an epoch of corruption and tyranny epitomised in the turpitude of figures that knows next to nothing as far as good governance is concerned.

He is none other than a spineless coward who is bent solely on personal aggrandisement.


You know as well as I know that Buhari never won that presidential election and parading himself as the president of Nigeria as it is today is tantamount to high treason.

Buhari’s local and international conspiracies against his predecessor only succeeded in bastardising the sovereign wishes of the Nigerian voters who trooped out en masse to elect their leader certainly not that brainless doll who today bestrides the Nigerian political world like a colossus while things begin to fall apart marvellously!

Every result on the ground today is an index of abysmal failure that makes us more divided than united as a nation, thanks to the seed of discord your master has succeeded in sowing yet he says he stands for one, united and indivisible Nigeria.

What a contradiction in terms!


Jonathan did not need to tell us what happened. We watched behind the scenes all the events that unfolded in Nigeria in the historic build-up to the 2015 federal elections and the role the media played in ‘destroying’ Dr Jonathan before the elections took place.

Monstrous lies were told that weakened the gullible minds against the most humble leader ever in Nigeria’s history.

We have moved past that phase now and your master has been given enough time to prove what he is capable of doing to show us the change Nigerians never stood in need of in the first place after all.

To our greatest chagrin, he has only succeeded in inflicting excruciating pains on Nigerians with suicide rate on the ascending order of magnitude – a rare occurrence if non-existent in Jonathan days.


Femi Adesina should, as a matter of fact, be ashamed of himself for whitewashing and supporting an overlord who rules by a caprice which is against all democratic norms, practices, and no more fashionable anywhere in today’s world.

Many Nigerians have been sent to their untimely graves as a result of Buhari’s highhandedness all in a bid to consolidate his hold on power.

The agitation in the south-east today and the extra-judicial killings in the region are the worst acts of barbarism one could ever commit in the civilised world. Little wonder Nigeria’s name is being denigrated today by Biafra separatists with an apt appellation – The Zoo!

Is there a better name under the existing circumstances? Frankly, I do not think so.


*Iyoha John Darlington, a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues wrote from Turin, Italy.

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