Bomb explosion in Syrian maternity hospital

The syrian maternity hospital explodes
The syrian maternity hospital explodes

The syrian maternity hospital explodes
The syrian maternity hospital explodes
A maternity hospital in a rebel-held part of Syria was hit by an airstrike, the humanitarian group Save the Children said Friday, the latest in a string of attacks on health facilities.

“This is not an isolated attack. There have now been 12 health facilities hit in Syria this month alone,” said Sonia Khush, Save the Children’s Syria Director.

“Nine of the attacks took place in recent days.

“While the world turns the other way, the conflict is once again spiralling dangerously out of control,” Khush said.

The maternity hospital in northern Idlib was hit by two missiles late on Thursday, Save the Children said, but noted there were no casualties.

The same hospital was hit in a raid in 2016, leaving two dead.

The charity group said the targeted hospital serves 2,100 women and children and performs about 550 deliveries each month.

It has eight incubators for premature babies and an outpatient clinic supporting pregnant women and providing post-natal care.

The nearest hospital offering similar services is nearly 70 kms away.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said: “over the past two days, reports indicate that attacks impacting medical facilities in Idlib, Hama, al-Raqqa, Daraa, and Hassakeh governorates resulted in scores of deaths and injuries among civilians and health worker.”

On Thursday, airstrikes on two Syrian hospitals in rebel-held Idlib province killed at least 19 people, activists said, blaming Russia.