500 Goals: Messi’s goal record against Arsenal best in Champions League

Lionel Messi has scored nine times against Arsenal Photo: Reuters
Lionel Messi has scored nine times against Arsenal
Photo: Reuters

Everyone wants a happy hunting ground and Lionel Messi has found one in Arsenal.

Messi scores for fun but more importantly he scores the crucial goals that lifts his team and hands them a life line when there is none in sight.

Regarded as one of the greatest footballer ever, Messi scored his 500th Barcelona goal in the El Clasico to take Barcelona top of the league.

Having scored 23 times against Real Madrid, Messi is no doubt a fear factor for his Spanish rivals.

But it is not only in Spain that Messi is feared. He is also dreaded in England especially when his Barcelona side plays Arsenal.

Against Arsenal, Messi has scored nine times the most against a non-Spanish club.

See all the stats below:

Messi’s numbers:

By competition
La Liga 343
Champions League 94
Copa del Rey 43
Spanish Super Cup 12
Club World Cup 5
European Super Cup 3

Most goals by opponent
Sevilla 29
Atletico Madrid 27
Valencia 24
Real Madrid 23
Athletic Bilbao 22
Osasuna 21

Most goals by opponent — non-Spanish clubs
Arsenal 9
AC Milan 8
Celtic 8
Bayer Leverkusen 7
Manchester City 6
Ajax 6

Plus 60 of Messi’s 500 goals have come via a penalty.

Most penalties converted
Valencia 5
Espanyol 5
Levante 4
AC Milan 4
Real Madrid 4

Messi has 37 hat tricks for Barcelona

Most hat tricks by opponent
Valencia 4
Osasuna 3
Atletico Madrid 3

Just in case you want to bet when Lionel Messi is likely to score in a game, the stats below can help you make up your mind.

Goals by minute block
1-15 – 52
16-30 – 80
31-45+ – 90
46-60 – 81
61-75 – 76
76-90+ – 120
106-120+ – 1

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