‘We don’t want your money…we just want our Delbot back’

Estranged sister of Spurs star Dele Alli begs star midfielder to heal family rift

Tottenham Hotspur star, Dele Alli

THE estranged big sister of England and Tottenham star Dele Alli has begged the footballer to heal the family rift, saying: “We’re not after your money.”

Barbara Johnson wrote the impassioned plea to the Tottenham Hotspur player, who is understood to not have spoken to his family for years, saying they didn’t want his fame but simply wanted to see him again.

The 26-year-old’s mum heartbroken message comes after Dele’s parents Denise and Kehinde opened up about their despair at being cut out of their firstborn son’s life.

Dele Alli’s big sister Ms Barbara Johnson

Barbara, who runs a social media fan page solely dedicated to her 20-year-old brother, shared a link to her parents’ public appeal, writing: “What a heartbreaking story, hope you read this bro.”

She added: “We all miss you and love you dearly, we not after your money or your fame we just want our little #Delbot back, love you lots like jelly tots”.

The message was accompanied with smiley faces and dozens of ‘x’ kisses.

It’s not the first time that the woman has directly messaged the Spurs star, having set up the Instagram account to praise Alli despite not having seen him for more than two years.

Sharing a photograph of Dele on the social media account, she said: “Wow it’s been 2years since this picture was taken and 2years since I ain’t seen my baby brother.

“I think about you every day bro”.

Sharing photographs of her growing up with Dele to her more than 1,000 followers, she wrote that she would always “cherish” the memories she had with her brother.

Last year, she addressed reports that the family had been “forced” apart, saying: “Dele not talking to me is because he’s chosen not to, not because we got forced apart”.

She later added: “We stayed with our mother my other brother me and my sister, we never got removed from social services or anything like that, to this day my brother still lives with our mother

“#fact my mum was never a bad mum, she was an amazing mother who cared for her children, we we’re always at school on time always had food, always had clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet, we had the love she was always there for us, always attend parents evenings and school plays, to me that woman is my world, my rock, my best friend.

“@delealli36 should speak up and let the world know she wasn’t a bad mum she done everything for us, 13 years he lived at home it was our mother that taught him how to ride a bike, how to kick a ball, bathed him feed him, potty trained him took him to school without my mum we wouldn’t be here today.

“I love my mum and wouldn’t change her for the world”.

Dele’s childhood photos, with his big sister

Dele grew up in Milton Keynes but by the time he was 13, his mother Denise said she became worried her son was about to fall in with gangs that were plaguing the Bradwell area of Milton Keynes where they lived.

Having four children at the time, she agreed he could move six miles away to live with close pal and fellow footballer Harry Hickford and his parents, building company boss Alan and his wife Sally.

While Denise insists he was never formally adopted, she let her son live full-time with the Hickfords and their two children in the more affluent area of Cosgrove.

But big sister, Barbara, 26, stayed with her mum along with little brother Lewis, 12, and 23-year-old sister Becky.

The family has since continued their appeals in an effort to reconnect with the footballer, with Dele having distanced himself further from the family by dropping the name Alli from his shirt this season.

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