Recession will soon be history – Osinbajo

Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo

Nigeria’s acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo has lauded the Nigeria Police Force for its handling of protests which took place nationwide on 6 February 2017, stating that ‘recession will soon be history’.

In a statement issued by his media office on Tuesday 7 February, he said Ministers were going across the country to interface with citizens in different states.

“I commend the Inspector General and his officers for handling the protests with professionalism and respect for the rights of citizens.

“We are committed to a continuous engagement with our people to explain government policies, receive advice and criticism.

“Cabinet Ministers have gone round 8 States so far holding town hall meetings, the most recent was yesterday in Ilorin. There will be more of such meetings in the other States that are yet to be visited.

“With complete focus on improving the economy every day, the recession will soon be history.

Osinbajo has also assured Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari will return to the country soon.

According to Osinbajo, “Let me first say the President is hale and hearty. I spoke to him just this afternoon and we had a fairly long conversation, he is in good shape and very chatty.”

The acting President said his conversation with President Buhari was focused on the economy and the goings on in the country.

He said President Buhari was “interested in knowing about the budget process and how far we had gone,” especially with efforts aimed at taking the country out of recession.

“As you know we had a meeting today with the private sector on the economic recovery and growth plan and he was interested in knowing what was happening with that, with the economic recovery and growth plan and what we are doing with the private sector.

“And I of course informed him of what we are seeing, of the protest marches and some of what the feedback is, what people are saying about the economy and all of that,” Osinbajo added.

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