Couple spends $1 on wedding ceremony

A Kenyan pastor presides over the wedding ceremony of Wilson and Ann Mutura
A Kenyan pastor presides over the wedding ceremony of Wilson and Ann Mutura

A Kenyan couple unable to afford the expense of a wedding have earned plaudits on social media for pursuing “a budget option $1 ceremony” which they attended wearing casual clothes.

Wilson and Ann Mutura postponed their wedding twice in 2016 because they were unable to raise the $300 (£240) fee.

They decided to get married this year with the minimum of expense, BBC reports.

The groom only spent $1 on two budget wedding rings, which he produced amid cheering during the exchange of vows.

Other expenses surrounding the pair’s nuptials – including the licence fee – were instead borne by their church.

Online commentators have praised their move, pointing out that weddings are becoming increasingly expensive.

The romantic story of Wilson, 27, and his bride Ann, 24, seems to have captured the attention of many Kenyans.

After dating for more than three years, the couple overcame the biggest hurdle in their relationship – money.

Last year their appeals to friends and family failed to raise enough cash.

‘Blessed union’

Wilson told the BBC that his older brother even advised him to forego the wedding and live with Ann without getting married.

I now pronounce you Man and Wife…..Wilson and Ann tie the knot in casual style

But that was not an option for the self-employed fruit seller and his fiancee who wanted “a permanent and blessed union”.

“As a [Christian] couple, we wanted to marry and live with dignity in order to avoid other temptations,” said Ann.

So the pair opted to have a low-key wedding ceremony in Nairobi without cakes, flowers or decorations.

The couple were simply dressed, wearing jeans, T-shirts and training shoes. Their only assets were two shiny steel circles that served as wedding rings.

During the wedding service, Wilson surprised the congregation by running out of the church to buy the two rings, Pastor Jasper Ojwach from the Community Christian worship centre in Nairobi told the BBC.

The groom was cheered when he produced them from his pocket just before the exchange of vows.

The couple say they are surprised by the positive reaction on social media to their frugal wedding and have urged other young Kenyans to follow their example.

“I believe money should not stop young people like us from getting married. If people love each other and want to marry they should,” Ann said.

So warm has been the reaction that the couple have received gifts from companies and individuals who were touched by their courage.

They are expected to go on their honeymoon soon, after a travel agency gave them a five-day break.