US sanctions DR Congo officials

US Secretary of State, John Kerry

US Secretary of State, John Kerry

On Tuesday, the US government has issued financial sanctions on two government officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo, accusing them of muzzling the opposition.

All assets in the US of Deputy Prime Minister Evariste Boshab and Kalev Mutondo from the national intelligence agency will be frozen and people in the US are not allowed to engage in transactions with the two.

The State department tweeted late last night:

These are not the only sanctions the US has placed on government officials in DR Congo. In September it placed sanctions on army Gen Gabriel Amisi Kumba and John Numbi, a former police chief, accusing them of threatening the country’s stability by suppressing the opposition.

It was also reported that the European Union (EU) also imposed sanctions on seven senior security officials over their alleged role in the deaths of at least 50 people during protests against President Joseph Kabila’s rule.
President Joseph Kabila was scheduled to relinquish power when his second mandate expires on 19 December, but the election has been delayed.


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