UN affirms ethnic cleansing in South Sudan

Mrs. Yasmin Sooka
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Mrs. Yasmin Sooka
Mrs. Yasmin Sooka

The head of the United Nations Commission of Human rights, Yasmin Sooka has affirmed that a great deal ethnic cleansing in ongoing in South Sudan. She revealed this on Thursday after her ten days visit to the east Africa nation.

She noted that a renewed version of the Rwandan genocide is about to take place in South Sudan. She stated that starvation, gang rape, and other atrocities are the order of the day.

“There is already a steady process of ethnic cleansing underway in several areas of South Sudan using starvation, gang rape and the burning of villages; everywhere we went across this country we heard villagers saying they are ready to shed blood to get their land back,” Yasmin Sooka said in the statement.

South Sudan has been plagued with intense crisis since it gained independent in 2011. Death toll in the crisis is about hundreds of thousands while lots of people have been displaced from their homes.

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