Ethiopia: Government accuses opposition leader of violating state of emergency

Ethiopian opposition leader, Mr. Merera Gudina

Ethiopian opposition leader, Mr. Merera Gudina

The government of Ethiopia has arrested the opposition leader, Merera Gudina, based on the allegation that violated the state of emergency.

Mr. Merera was detained after returning from a foreign trip where he attended a briefing given to European parliamentarians in Brussels about the situation in Ethiopia, which was also attended by opposition activists in exile.

An EU parliamentarian, Ana Gomes, expressed her dismay about the arrest of Mr. Merera. She said the discussions in Brussels had been very “fruitful and frank” about the state of emergency in Ethiopia and she had petitioned the EU leadership to immediately demand for the release of Mr. Merera and all others in detention.

She added that the EU should stop its soft handling of Ethiopia amid continuous violations of human rights during the state of emergency, which was imposed last month after nearly a year of anti-government protests.

SOurce: BBC

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