Cameroonians reveal fear amidst ongoing crisis

Picture of burning Bemanda Hospital

Picture of Nurning Bemanda Hospital
Picture of burning Bemanda Hospital

Cameroonians living in the city of Bamenda have revealed that the streets are too dangerous for him to go home because the security forces are using live bullets.

Harmony Bobga, from Cameroon’s Common Law Lawyers, is one of barristers who has been leading a campaign against the imposition of French in English-speaking regions of the Cameroon.

He stressed that witnesses he had spoken to at the main hospital in the city said six civilians, including a university student, and four police officers had died in today’s violence which began as the ruling party attempted to hold a rally in Bamenda.

The witnesses told him that Paul Atanga Nji, a minister in the presidency, was being treated at the hospital after he was hit in the head by one of the stones being catapulted by protesters.

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His car, parked at the hospital, had also been burnt, he said.

Cameroon’s Prime Minister Philemon Yang, who was supposed to be leading the peace rally, was still reportedly holed up the Abaya hotel where security was tight, Mr Bobga said.

Many roads in the city were still barricaded as big trees had been cut down by protesters, he said.