UNICAL undergraduate seeks N150m for kidney transplant

Matilda Donatus

Matilda Donatus Odiong, a 20-year old patient of End State Renal Disorder has sent an appeal for help to Nigerians at home and abroad to help raise N15 million to enable her undergo urgent life-saving kidney transplant surgery.

The 200 level student of the Department of English/Literary Studies at the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State, is currently lying on the hospital bed.

A medical report signed by Dr. Nwabueze of the Internal Medicine Department of the UTH, said Matilda is a known patient of the renal/nephology unit in the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Akwa Ibom State where she is being managed for End Stage Renal Disease secondary to chronic glomerulonephritis.

According to Nwabueze, Matilda is dialysis dependent and requires a renal/ kidney transplant to survive and improve her quality of life. “She requires three times weekly dialysis to stay alive. Whenever her dialysis is delayed, she comes down with life-threatening breathlessness which is worse on lying flat, preventing her from sleeping at night, vomiting blood and chest pains, with incessant hiccups and generalized body itching”.

The medic confirmed that Matilda is currently running out of funds and cannot afford her dialysis on regular basis. He recommended kidney transplant as soon as possible to offer a better lease of life.

Matilda stated that she became sick after her 1st semester exams and was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). “I had to stop school because of the illness and ever since I have been placed on dialysis.”

Matilda also lamented that it was regretful that her parents are broke and unable to raise the required sum for the surgery. “We now depend on good spirited Nigerians for dialysis which costs a lot of money, three times weekly.”

In a passionate plea, she urged kind-hearted and public spirited Nigerians and corporate bodies to come to her aid. “I live in fear for my life everyday because I don’t want to die.

“I plead with the Federal government, the Akwa Ibom State government and all kind-hearted people to come to my aid and please save my life.

“I know this is a big request but if you can help me, please do and if you know anyone who might please forward this on.

“I will be extremely grateful as you respond to my plea for help and may our good Lord also meet you at the point of need.”

Lynda, Matilda’s sister says she is ready to donate one of her own kidneys if tests show that they are compatible. “Our main challenge is raising the required funds for the transplant. We have exhausted our resources and are at the mercy of kind people to rescue us.”

You can support her by kindly sending your donations to this Account No:- Odiong Matilda Donatus, First Bank 3097211285, or call 08165066723 or 08099624981 for details.

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