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The Tough Love Of A Mother By Madame Olieh



Madame Olieh

Madame Olieh

Mothers, Mothers, Mothers, what can we do without these mostly selfless, tireless and loving lot?

Mothers love their children and will sacrifice anything to make them happy even if it is at her detriment.

A mother would monitor and give strict rules not minding how it would affect her own present peace but overall she is looking into the future and that is all that matters to her.

How children grow quickly and think they know more than their mother who did many months of sleepless nights, said many prayers on their behalf and fought anyone that crossed them beats me.

But as we have all come to know, this is how life pans out.


Again, I will tell you a story.

One day a mother was planning to take her children to a birthday party. Her children were dressed up and the cab was waiting to take them, then she walks into the children’s room to make sure everything was in place, just as she started to leave the room, the side of her eye noticed something.

It was a broken the flower vase in the room. Immediately, she called her children and asked why they broke the vase but kept it from her.

Seeing that they were jittery, she said she had forgiven who broke it but she just wanted to know the truth.


Finally after so many questions and promises her son owned up and he started crying..

Guess what she did?

She told him she was not angry with him but because he did not say the truth from the beginning he would not be going with them for the party.

So they left for the party and he stayed at home. That woman cried for leaving her son behind that day but she needed to pass the message across to her son ALWAYS SAY THE TRUTH. Today most mother’s over look it and say he is just a child!!!????


But that’s the TOUGH LOVE OF A MOTHER. Mothers make decisions in front of their children with a straight but then go into the room and cry, sometimes they weep.

Let me ask a few questions here: How are we training our children? Do we allow them to always have their way? Are we training them for the future or just the present?

Many mothers love parties and outings and they also love taking their children with them exposing them to adult stuffs. While this is not bad, it must be checked.

In all schools, across the world pupils do unthinkable and unsayable things….many of them say they saw it on TV or their parents do it.


Do we even monitor their school work?

Some mothers don’t even know their children’s teacher? Some say we have paid school fees now, let them deal with it.

They say the school should do their job. Please, please the first school is not the home.

Do we know how they are coping in school? Some just want their children to pass and are not even ready to help them study?


As a mother, take a minute and think of how you got to where you are? Then you will know there’s work to be done.

Christmas is around the corner, we are busy buying cloths and shoes for our children, we have not even sat then down to talk to them, to pray and encourage them concerning issues of life.

Be your child’s best friend, that way they will talk to you about everything, especially now that we are in a world of cyberbullying.

We need to hang out with our children on their own level then we can make them understand our stance better and strategically implement our TOUGH LOVE.


Madame Olieh is an educator with over 15 years experience. She is also a language instructor, trainer and academic consultant

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