Between your kids and the maid By Madame Olieh

Madame Olieh with kids during this year's 'Summer Blast'
Madame Olieh with kids during this year's 'Summer Blast'
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Madame Olieh with pupils during this year's 'Summer Blast'Hello mummies and daddies..

I want to personally appeal to us to give our children the opportunity to always express themselves.

I also want us to give them more attention, this cannot be overemphasized.

Don’t let that mundane Zee World series or English Premier League match cause you to ignore every little detail about your kid because it just might prove costly.

Deal of the day

I will share something with us, something that happened lately that really got me thinking??? This is a true story although the names have been tweaked.

A mother of two sweet girls brought her extended little niece to come and stay with them.

One day she came home late and tired, but her little daughter was trying to tell her that their cousin who stays with them is a DOG.

Of course that was absurd, so she promptly shoved her aside.

When she return with another attempt to get her mother’s attention, she received a slap and was told to go to bed immediately.

Like most kids, she tried talking to her mum severally but failed.

She tried explaining to her mummy that Joke is a dog but she never listened until one faithful day.

She (mummy) went to church for prayer meeting and she asked Joke to stay with the girls at home. Unfortunately for Joke her aunt had to come back home because she did not get the venue of the prayer meeting.

When she entered into their compound she heard a dog barking and children crying.

She thought to herself, “When did our neighbor get a dog” this was because the building had six flats.

On getting to the second floor which was where her flat was she heard the bark of the dog even louder. She was about to enter into her apartment when she noticed that the door was not locked.

She walked in and heard her children crying and the dog barking even louder.

She rushed into the children’s bedroom and  as she got to the door, a dog ran out of the room.

She saw her children crying and just then she noticed wounds on their body.

They rushed to her and told her that the dog she just saw was Joke. ????

First she tried gasping for air then she managed to call for Joke, still not wanting to believe what she heard.

She called for Joke again and by this time she had changed back into human form.

Then she asked her “whose dog is that and what is it doing in my house” to her amazement and shock Joke said that is how I play with your children when you are not around.

I always turn to a dog and bark at them. I lick their wounds for strength.

I always allow you to injure your children whenever you beat them to shut up because it is their blood that I use to survive and sustain the human life I live whenever you are around..
Hmmmmmm, what  a story, you’ll say!!!??????

Mothers, fathers, teachers, anyone who has a child in his/her custody, let us give them a listening ear and benefit of doubt.

We don’t what we are risking and how much we are also risking the life of our children.

Let us encourage them to always speak out.

Let us help them to know when and how to talk.

Yes, in our time children had limits but we never had internet and other gadgets that could help mould and destroy life’s as much as do now.

We were more conscious of fetish things and fetish people.

Technology has taken over everything please let’s get close to our children.

By Madame Olieh