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Donald Trump invites Obama’s brother to #debate



Malik Obama (L) and Charles C Johnson believe Trump can make America great again

Malik Obama (L) and Charles C Johnson believe Trump can make America great again

Donald Trump seems to have found his way into the White House even before elections get underway.

The maverick, Republican presidential candidate infiltrated the first family by inviting the half-brother of President Barack Obama, Malik to the third presidential debate.

In a BBC report, Obama’s Kenyan family seems to be sharply divided over the United States presidential election.

His uncle, Said Obama, has told me that he is supporting Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton.


He is however not a US citizen and will not be voting.

His position is in contrast to that of Malik Obama, a half-brother of the outgoing president, who has said he will be voting for Mr Trump.

Malik Obama will be attending tonight’s debate between the two candidates as a guest of Mr Trump.

He told a US newspaper that he believes Trump “can make America great again”.


Said Obama said that Mr Trump had made racist comments, which do not augur well for global peace.

Reaction to his action have not gone done well with many Kenyans. Here are some comments.

“This guy is just a failed opportunist who thinks he can get something from Trump given that he hasn’t gained anything from his half-brother as president,” said Mugume Amooti Kalyegira.

Okey Robert’s position is not any different. “I can only see envy in him. He wouldn’t have made such unguarded comments if he is a direct brother of Barack Obama.”


“He thinks the United States is Africa where family members collectively join forces to embezzle government funds that is meant for the welfare of its citizens,” Sylvia Sia Kallon said.

And King Abbah had this words for him. “I think Obama’s half-brother has the right to support any of the candidates. It’s not obligatory that he must be on his brother’s side.”

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