Oshodi’s potential environmental tragedy

Nicholas Ojo-Awo reckons that Oshodi is an environmental  tragedy waiting to happen

Nicholas Ojo-Awo reckons that Oshodi is an environmental tragedy waiting to happen

When the transporters were ferried out of the existing and nationally known Oshodi park, it was greeted with rejoicing due to both the expected development as a modern transport hub (buses and light rail inclusive) but also for the fact that it cleared the area of the prevalent street urchins who had previously taken over command and control especially carrying out nefarious activities under the cover of darkness or over one political tussle or the other.

While some form of discomfort is altogether expected during renovation, construction and other forms of development, the environmental decadence that’s being experienced at the temporal abode of the transporters is nothing to write home about.

A little chat with some of the leaders at the park, tells a tale of a group of people who have regularly been taking care of the physical and topographical development of the old park and are resigned to doing the same at their temporal home.

The difference is that while the old park was planned with drainages built in, the temporal shank is not and the idea of sand filling which they were proposing would be a regularly occurring event and would only channel the waters downwards to log at the nearest available depression.

Prevalent amongst the many ills being experienced by people at the park presently include the presence of various species of mosquitoes predominantly the black and white branded Asian tiger mosquito.

Then there are the flies, in various sizes and colours; big, small, black, green, all in a constant buzz mostly attracted by the public toilet which is in close proximity of not just the commuters but also the food vendors at the park.

The last but not the least is the pungent smell as well as the nauseating ambience at the sight of the spirogyra infested sections are mouldy enough to churn the six packs of the most hardened UFC fighter.

The average commuter or passenger at the park which includes pregnant women and children spend about an hour, giving ample time for the vermins to launch attacks on their immune system predisposing them to diseases and the cycle only spreads if they also unwittingly help transmit help transmit these infections at their destinations (when not if, will the epidemic not occur)

The Lagos State Government Agencies like LAWMA and LAMATA as well as Oshodi-Isolo local government should please try and speedily address this potential environmental tragedy while bathing in mind that this piece was written as the efforts which the NURTW proposed was deemed not practicable or long lasting enough.


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