Travel and Study Abroad Matters

Nigerian students studying abroad PHOTO:
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Nigerian students studying abroad PHOTO:
Nigerian students studying abroad

Young Nigerians desire to travel outside the shores of the country and our continent for myriad reasons.

I dare say we are the most traveled nation on earth, and I am sure that will not be far from the truth. The crucial point here is to ask yourself a simple question before embarking on the whole travel process. The question is “Why do I want to travel?”

In my line of work as an International Education & Sports Consultant, working with a large number of foreign universities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Europe and UAE; I get to hear this phrase a lot from potential clients who say “I just want to leave this country and go anywhere”.

Desperation is the main reason that Nigerians fall into the hands of fraudsters who cash in on the ‘Anywhere but here’ state of mind.

Deal of the day

Information is power, so if you are not sure of what you want to do, simply use Google.

First have an idea of what, where and why you are travelling before you meet the professionals for expert advice to help you navigate the technicalities involved in achieving your desired outcome.

Another aspect is your budget. There has to be somebody footing your bills if you plan to study abroad.

Do not be deceived, no student job anywhere can fully cover all your expenses. Count the cost and be sure of your financial support.

This is why you need to show proof of financial ability before you will be granted a Study Visa to any country out there.

Even when you are very fortunate to get an academic or athletic scholarship, there are still visa application fees and other minimal fees to be paid for as they fall outside the scope of a full scholarship as offered by the University or any scholarship awarding bodies.

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ will help you to decide the ‘Where’ and ‘When’.

Study destination choices need to be made based on informed decisions and not just flights of fancy.

Sadly, we always tend to believe hearsay and rumors over credible official information which is usually free of charge on the internet. In all my years of working on visas, I tell clients that getting a visa is all about meeting the requirements that are specified by the Embassy or High Commission of the country you plan to travel to. Do your homework, and look before you leap.